Shabby Door Tutorial


My Shabby Door is one of my most asked about projects and continues to be my most popular paint finish to date. Any color combination can be used but the blue and green colors are loved my so many. Our front doors are the welcoming sign to our houses and if you are choosing to be creative and give your home a shabby door watch out because you will be the envy of the neighborhood!

My Vintage Kitchen – Cooking 101

Coming Soon!

What will you learn?

  • How to be creative in the kitchen by creating your own personalized recipes
  • No longer waste money, time or food by becoming an intuitive cook
  • Keep the flavor and still be healthy
  • Create your own blend of spices
  • How to compliment every meal with your own personal sauces
  • How to create a beautiful presentation from everyday meals

Here is where I will share my foodie life with you. I have owned and operated three restaurants that include a very eclectic and diverse choice of menus. My Nantucket Island Restaurant specialized in Seafood and wild game where my Pennsylvania restaurants specialized in Good old-fashioned home cooked meals! On the healthier side I’ve prepared meals for athletes and bodybuilders and having a young child with type 1 diabetes grow up in the household I have experience in preparing healthy everyday real family menus. I look forward to sharing my cuisine with you!