Living in Color

Let me begin by saying that colors you choose and where you are in life go hand in hand. Growing up as a little girl I can remember my mother dressing me in bright vibrant colors and decorating my bedroom with the same beautiful colors. I loved the colors, fabric and patterns of the 1960’s and 70’s and they still bring me happiness when I see them. It may be a blast from the past that brings a smile to my face and the memories of having my dad with me that keep me a little bit vintage.  As I grew into my teenage years life wasn’t so happy anymore. My parents were entering into a divorce and back then it was not as acceptable or as common as it is today. My life was turned upside down and my happiness become sadness. At thirteen years old I began my love for finding old things and turning them into something pretty. Listening to music and working became my therapy. The colors that I mostly used were black, white and gray. These were my choice in clothing, decor, art and just about everything. I still, to this day, believe that the colors we choose to express ourselves at the moment of creating something are directly related to where we are in our lives at that point in time.


My Logo

When starting my business I wanted it to express all of me; both the bright times and dark times. Life isn’t always fun and games, right? I wanted my business to not just to be a way of making a living but to be an expression of what I’ve learned in my life. I chose my logo to be black and white as that is how I’ve looked at life for most of my years. You can’t disregard the past. Although we don’t need to live in it we can certainly learn from it. Too many of us keep revisiting the devastating hurts and fears from where we have been and what we’ve had done to us. You can find the bad in anything and in others including ourselves or we can choose to find the good. Now that doesn’t mean to be naive and let people treat you bad or take advantage of you but to be wise in who you let into your life. “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10:16.) As a creative woman I’ve learned something about our kind; we do everything to the extreme! We love, play, create and dislike with ALL of our heart! We are driven by our hearts and that sometimes makes it easy for people to take advantage of us. When beginning a business we need to very smart about our decisions because our business cannot be run exclusively by our hearts. There is a balance to be kept when living a creative life and making a living at it. Do you know what the most important step to creating is? Just start! Don’t let your fears hold you back. Write and create and don’t  think of anything else at that time. The paper will stay blank and that piece of furniture or canvas will stay white unless you add your mark. Your words will remain black and white unless you add color to them!  Color, to to me, is life breathed into something. It s always fun for me to take something old and make it pretty again. Especially when I imagine the history behind it. We may never now where an item came from but sometimes a story can be told just by looking at it. Isn’t that how we are sometimes? How can we know our stories unless we tell them. Sometimes we can tell a story through our art and no one can take that away from us.



We aren’t meant to hold back. We are created to teach each other through our experiences and we are made to create with our hands. Although this means different things to different people we all and I’ll say it again ALL have talents and gifts to be used. Let’s share with each other and help each other to see the good that’s within us and the creativity that we can share with the world to make it a better place. Let me encourage you to just simply begin somewhere. Go on a hunt at the thrift store, goodwill or yard sale and pick up a piece of something to paint. Grab a brush and begin with a solid coat of paint then stand back, look at it for awhile and begin your masterpiece. Don’t be afraid, there is no one that can criticize you for creating something that you love. Let me repeat that, there is no one that can criticize you for creating something that you love.

Vibrant colors! This was so much fun creating!

Colors are Poppy Seed and Coral with a beautiful piece of decorative paper!

An old door knob made pretty.

“Gone Too Far” is a perfect name for this piece.


Let’s not let the things of life alter who we are and drown out our creativity. Learn to love yourself and always strive to do more. I’ll be here for the journey to encourage and teach. We are all different with different styles but we can always take what we learn form each other and make it our own. So tell your story and I hope you can make it colorful!


A little bit gypsy.

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