As I look around the inside and outside of my home and as I prepare for a big selling weekend I see that I was able to create many many pieces of original art and other repurposed pieces of home decor that I’m happy with and had fun making. If you are like me, you paint and create by the way you feel. Sometimes I wonder how I get anything done because of the “Shiny Object Syndrome” that I can identify with so well. As I read more and educate myself on this disorder I would say that I’ve owned this thing since a very young age. Sometimes all we need is to be able to identify symptoms and then we can recognize what our personalities reveal. It is then when we can find peace with ourselves and our craft! It’s very frustrating at times, but then again it is a part of who we are. A part of what makes us different from others and also the same because so many of us live with it.


My Angel and her Roses


As far back as I can remember I would go from one project to the next. At times it can cause stress for those around us because they can’t figure out why we are like this and it can be very frustrating for our loved ones. I was just talking with my son’s fiance the other day as we plan for their wedding day. Megan is a very organized young woman and as we begin our relationship I think it is important to have a conversation about our personalities and expectations of each other. I explained that when I have down time I struggle with concentration and getting things done but if I am under pressure I get it done and done as well. Do I always enjoy being like this? That answer is no, but I learn to live with it. I’m probably not going to change now. I think the more we have conversations around who we really are, we have a much greater chance at loving and caring for each other.

Shabby Roses on Black Canvas


One of favorite things to do is to create displays

Re-purposed washboard ART

From dull brown to lovely green

Stenciled wall

Now as for the other side of the coin, let’s talk about creativity and art. I can lay awake in bed all night and in my mind there are thousands of ideas rolling around in my head. My mind never really shuts down unless I’m sitting on a beach somewhere. While vacationing at the shore I am quieted by creation and its sounds. It’s really all that works for me. I am a woman of strong faith and I believe that it’s just the way God created me. It wasn’t until I joined a group of creatives at “Jennifer Allwoods Inner Circle” that I was happy to find out that there are so many other women just like me!!! What a relief! Other women that think and feel the same as I do. People that really understand me and my thought processes! Hallelujah!!! It was then that I really could let my creative juices flow. I could now take my business experience and know now that I don’t have to be good at everything. I just need to know that there are others that can do what I cannot do and they can do it very well!.

We are all very hard on ourselves and we need others to encourage and build us up just as they need us.  I think having a creative outlet is important too, not only for our self-love but for our health. I love grabbing a paint brush and creating something from my heart, but more than that I find great satisfaction in helping and lifting others along the way. As my business evolves and our relationships grow with social media my hope is to give you a little bit of me and inspire you to create and to love yourself. I honestly believe that us “creatives” can look at a piece of art, furniture, clothing or whatever it may be that was made and you can just see if it was made with love or just produced. Our creative abilities are like education, they can’t be taken away from you and there is freedom in that. I hope that your art, no matter where you think you are with it, continues to grow and that you find others that are like minded as well as opposites that help to keep us balanced. You might find yourself reading my blog and thinking to yourself “these aren’t the best pictures” or “sometimes her point switches,” but that is me and I will always be honest with you. I hope that you grow in your faith, creativity, and love for each other. Embrace your quirkiness and let those things that make you different work for you. Do not be ashamed or feel you are less than another. There are many successful business people in the world that deal with the same issues that we all do. We only fail if we give up. Never give up, look on the bright side because that’s where the bright shiny object becomes a blessing!

Miss Rhonda


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