It’s been over a week since I’ve been able to write about life but I promise you I haven’t been slacking, I’ve been busier than ever. You see I attended my first large event. My Mobile Boutique and I went inside an event center and set up for Vintage Market Days of the Tri-state Pittsburgh area. I loved meeting and making new friends and memories. I am amazed at the work that goes into preparing for a show this big. Most of the vendors traveled from afar and only do the large events. The talent there was very humbling. So many artists and beautiful creations in one place. I only wish that everyone could see the work that goes into just one piece of art. It begins with a vision and then supplies and time. It takes so much to make one piece of art so imagine having over a thousand pieces for an event. It is truly a labor of love. The special part of being a maker is when your pieces find their forever home and they send you a picture to see that it fits perfectly into their home. That’s what makes us tick!


Back side


I had a lady stop by my truck and literally said, ” I can’t stop staring at this guitar and my house is very contemporary but there is something about that and it just makes me happy and I have to have it “!  I now wonder what her family said about it. When you have a large event it makes it very special when someone buys from you especially when they have so many choices and beautiful things to look at. It’s then that you know its special. The most interesting part of the event to me was how everyone worked together and treated each other as a friend and not a competitor even though they were selling similar items.  I guess I really did learn a lot from people with so much more experience than me. That is what we are to do, learn from the wise and more experienced and then pass it along. You know kindness and helpfulness in today’s world of competitors is an amazing gift from God. If you are currently growing your own business or just beginning to come up with ideas, I encourage you to just start! Look back to the past and think of what your family and friends have maybe asked you to do or make for them. That is a good place to start. Then ask yourself what is it that I do that makes my heart and soul happy? Write it down and start from there. We all have an inner creative part of us that cries out to be expressed. It can lie dormant and unsatisfied until we find it and free it and once we do it brings pure joy not only to us but to those around us.

Let me tell you a little story about this little dresser and you tell me what it means. This dresser was on its way to the garbage truck when a friend messaged me to ask if I wanted it. She said it was not in great shape although it was made of solid wood. The bottom drawer was not usable and probably could not be fixed. I thought well maybe I could use it for storage where no one could really see it. The more I looked at her the more I grew to love it because she had already been hand painted by someone! Little flowers on the drawers and sides. I took a small amount of watered down paint and began brushing over the dresser and then thought of placing a board on the bottom where the drawer had been. If you know me at all you know that I love my decoupaged and painted boards. A friend a few days earlier gave me a bag of floral napkins and the colors matched the table perfectly. I proceeded to play around and placed maybe four or five different patterns on the dresser top, added mod podge and let it dry overnight. The next day I sanded, sealed and fell in love! I took this little lady to the Vintage Market and she was the star of my show! Many people asked and I had zero interest in selling her until one sweet young couple just stood in awe of her and just kept staring. Now remember she was not perfect and had many flaws and I pointed them out to be sure they were aware of them and it seemed to me that they loved the flaws and imperfections just as I did. I told the couple that I needed it until the show was over on Sunday but if they came back I would sell her to them then. I promised them she would be there waiting and if they didn’t come back I would gladly keep her on my Boutique. They came back and so happy to take this beautiful little dresser to be a part of there home. You tell me what this story is really about.

Until next time,

Miss Rhonda

Beautiful Little Dresser

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