My Dream Cottage (1)

     Let me begin with first saying the little cottage that you see here is just the beginning of “My Dream” series of canvas paintings. The images you see are the dreams of what brings joy to my heart. I think as we start our lives as innocent young little ones we dream of what life will look like to us in the future. I think as youngsters we really only see the good in life and sometimes live the imaginary dreams of our youth before real life happens. I remember as a young girl dreaming of becoming Catwoman from the Batman series and having magic powers like Samantha in Bewitched. I can remember having such a vivid imagination that I could almost see Santa Claus flying through the sky on Christmas Eve. Oh, the memories were good as a child but then real life happened! I’m here to say that your dreams can still come true. You don’t have to give up on them, you just need to work hard at them. I have never been afraid of hard work and I learned at an early age that if you worked hard for a paycheck, you could buy not only the necessities of life but even the extras, you know the good stuff! I think I’ve been working since age 12. Babysitting for fifty cents an hour, chores, and even selling records to make a little extra money. My goal was to buy a car, have money for gas and to buy tickets to concerts.      At age 17, I made my first trip to the seashore. My aunt invited my mother and me on a trip to her home in the Florida Keys, Conch Key to be exact. I took the trip with my mother and enjoyed running across the seven-mile bridge in the mornings and catching lobsters from the Lobster traps that they owned. They had a small little business and a home there that they worked very hard for. We ate like queens and I tried every kind of seafood that I could get my hands on. That’s where my love for the sea began. I grew up here in Pennsylvania and still enjoy it but there is just something about the salt air and fresh seafood that tugs at my heart constantly. I enjoy painting mermaids and creating decor and art from seashells.

I lived in New England for many years and loved the beautiful landscapes. I believe it was in the 90’s when I experienced my first catastrophic hurricane. I believe it was Hurricane Bob. While it was one of the most frightening experiences that I lived through, I was amazed at how the New England natives pulled together to get through it and how tough they were. Winters were sometimes brutal but I still found beauty even through the frigid temperatures and isolated living. Now, although I’ve learned to be content wherever I  am, I still feel a pull toward the sea. Although we have our dreams we still need to live in reality and that means that we plan for our futures  Taking responsibility to achieve our goals is so important. As children, we just dream without any thoughts of the action steps toward our dream but as we grow older we run the steady race and plan but without losing that childlike way. As real life happens we can lose that sense of wonder, and to me, that is a travesty. We lose touch with the very places in our lives that make us happy and the things that inspire us. It’s a terrible thing.

As you know I have a business, family, church and I am always busy, but I know my purpose and I have a dream and no one can take that away from me. Our dreams belong to each one of us so don’t let the world take them away. Keep that childlike wonder and enjoy life along the way. You can find joy even in the hardships if you are willing to not let your heart become hard. In this world of technology and connecting with so many people I find that we are less and less likely to find compassion and understanding. We are quick to judge others that are not like us and we build walls around us to keep from being around others. Don’t let this happen! Keep connected with your family and while some may say, “who cares what they think just press on,” really try to educate them on your plan and let them see who you really are and that it is important to you how they feel but mostly how they listen to you.  For the love of God tear the walls down and love each other for our differences and cling to your dreams because they just might come true. Remember it’s hard work and perseverance that gets us to where we want to be. Don’t give up, keep fighting and praying in faith, Matthew 21:22 says, “And all things, whatever you should ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.”

My Dream 2

Mermaid Painting

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