Little Baptist Church

Well as I sit here and reflect on the past week I’m not sure where to begin. So much has happened! I took a trip with a friend to visit a church that she grew up in and sat quietly with her as she reminisced and painted on a canvas the church that she loved but hadn’t seen in a very long time.  She talked about growing up there as a little girl. What a sweet experience to sit back in a chair and paint the church that she remembered so well. We walked around looking and the gravestones while she called out names as she remembered their part in the church. I enjoy stories, all kinds of stories. We all have them you know. I learned a lot about my friend that day. It will be a day that I will always remember. I felt so blessed that she wanted to spend it with me. There is a life lesson to be learned in every day that God gives us. We just need to take the time to listen and learn. Some people think that spirituality is so deep and hard to comprehend but I really don’t think so. I think it’s simple, we just need to do what’s right and our faith will guide us. God never leaves us; if anyone pulls away, it’s us. My guess is that Ann is in her mid to late seventies which makes it many years ago that she attended church s a little girl. As we were painting she looked up and said that “nothing had changed except for the new roof on the church.” Isn’t that just so simple! The church and it’s message of the gospel never change but the world does, often at a rapid pace. It’s that simple!

In Tom’s Memory 

As I took this little journey with Ann I received a phone call from my husband, When he begins with,  “You know I love you,” I know that he has news for me. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. This time it was to tell me that a man from our church had passed away. Tom sat in front of me every Sunday. He was a kind and generous man that was baptized in our church. Mr. Jacobson was always curious and willing to learn. I find so many people that are not teachable, but he was. He had a heart of gold along with a childlike faith. When someone is teachable and willing to learn we can also learn from them. Especially when they are well into their years. Mr. Jacobson passed away quickly and that is always a shock but he was secure in his faith and I will always remember him as a lovely and kind man. It started to make me think about how everyone will remember us? I think it’s important to be a person of integrity, truth, and kindness. Life really is very short. Again, as I always say, enjoy every day and have fun, don’t take life too seriously and never forget your importance to the world and to those that love you. Let them love you and embrace their hearts in return. I always tell my friends and Facebook friends to use their gifts and talents to brighten the world. Sometimes it feels as if there is so much darkness in the world but I’m telling you there is also so much good and light. Yes, there is light, but you need to look for it. If you were in a completely dark room and wanted to get out, your eye will find the smallest gleam of light and you would move toward it. Well, that is the same in our daily walk, Look for the light and move toward it!

I can always find a way to incorporate creativity into finding joy! Start noticing what it is, that when you look at, just makes your heart smile! I know for me it’s transformation. God gave us our senses for a reason,  Taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound. What taste do you love? What is most pleasing to your sight? What do you like to touch and feel? What smells make you feel good? What sounds do you adore? Although we share many similarities we are all so different. Problems arise when we think we are all the same and we are not. I love the seasons that bring change to our world. You very seldom see me create the same thing twice. That’s because I see beauty in almost everything. My favorite story as a child was “The Ugly Duckling” written by Hans Christian Anderson. I think he and Dr. Seus had it right. Once again, it’s very simple. Embrace your senses and you will learn who you are. Dare to be yourself! I never did like trends. Once you know who you are life becomes easy as Sunday morning. So go and find beauty in all that you do!









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