An Empty Canvas

Today I began my day like most days, I saw my husband off to work, walked my dogs, painted and made posts on my social media pages and thought about my worth. It all began with painting angels and mermaids on canvas. I thought about what these paintings are worth to the buyer. What do they see? What is involved when pricing them, and what value do I give them? Do I think it’s only me and others do much better. Do I immediately go to the internet and find out what everyone else is charging for a 16×20 painting of an angel? What are we worth and what are our valuables worth? Maybe more importantly what is valuable to us? I heard the song Diamond Girl by Seals & Crofts today while cooking and It says, ” Diamond girl you sure do shine, Oh my love you’re like a precious stone”. Someone thought this girl was so precious and no other like her. Let me ask you what you feel you are worth and how do you value yourself? If you grew up with someone telling you that you are worth nothing even though that is NOT the truth you may believe it and carry that with you your entire life. Maybe you grew up blessed with a wonderful family and that was never a struggle for you. The fact is, that it is important how you value yourself and your work in life.

Coming to life

I received a text message this week from a friend that had a family member that passed away and she happened to be an artist. After the family took what they wanted from the house there was still artwork left and she thought that I could find a use for it, I’m known for that in our community!  So I ventured over to her house to look at this artwork. As I walked through the house I was shown the room that this dear lady painted in. Her wedding dress hung in the laundry room and her sunporch empty but in the garage against a wall was her artwork. They were very large beautiful canvas paintings that were being thrown away. I’m not saying this to be judgmental at all so please don’t think I am, I’m only saying this to show that what is in our hearts is very personal to us alone. Someone else may never see value in what we do. It’s just human nature. As a painting or other artform starts out it never goes back to the way it was just as our lives don’t go back. This is one reason I find art so fascinating. Once we put something out there we open ourselves to criticism, ridicule, and comparison to others. You see art is within us all but expressing it is a choice. It is a bit safer but no less creative to go with a trend. Trends are proven that they will sell. We have influencers, salespeople, and others that test these markets. In our industry of creatives, we have people that will buy because of a name only, or because the advertisers tell them they need it. Believe me, I know because I am in the selling business also. It’s just the way the world works. How we live a life honoring to God and yet running a business is a fine line. Once again it’s all about value and there are those things that we truly believe in.

How do we put a value on our homes or our car? We go to the experts and they price it according to the market and then they consider any updates that have been done or future updates needed. They also consider how it was taken care of and depending on the circumstances of the seller and buyer the process begins and a value is put on it. I’m saying this so that you can begin considering your worth.  It’s not going to happen overnight. Its a process of thinking about what you mean to those around you, what you feel about your life.  If you are blessed and know that your family loves and respects you  I believe its a bit easier to have value but if you are in a place in life that is not so good then your value goes down. I’ve experienced both in my lifetime, not that this is real, but a perceived value. It’s likened to a beautiful mansion set in the midst of an area considered a ghetto. The house is still beautiful but its value goes down because of its surroundings. So whats the best way to increase the value? To build everything up around it. You see God sees beauty in everything sometimes we just don’t see it because of our surroundings or circumstances. We can change our perceived value if we want to. I mean the value of yourself to yourself and by yourself.   Yes, I know its a lot to ponder and consider. Now back to the artwork. I’ve noticed that my children are not interest in my things or my stuff, oh maybe when I’m gone from this earth someday they will hang onto something that I have.  Maybe a valuable ring or piece of art but my wish and dream is to have a cottage on the beach for my family to get together and enjoy. I want every detail of our cottage to speak about our family. Not a mansion but a place full of beautiful color, salt air and full of inspiration. So I ask you? Are you valuable? What is your work worth? I believe that someday I will create one piece of art that someone (that one person) will find beauty and value in because it will be my very best creation and it will be my story on one canvas. Someone will see my heart, my life, and my value, and my dream will come true. My prayer is that through our valuable lives others will be inspired in the purest way and just like my angels and mermaids you will find your value in the heavens and the oceans.


Dream Big

Miss Rhonda

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