Today I’m here to share a little insight into my life. Not only am I Miss Rhonda of “Miss Rhonda’s Current Vintage” where I run my small business and share my home lifestyle with you but, I am also the wife of a Pastor/Funeral Director. When you think of a Pastor’s wife, I’ll bet you think of a woman that doesn’t lose her temper, never has ill thoughts, probably never holds a grudge and is the perfect wife and also very conservative. Maybe you think she doesn’t dream of success on this earth, doesn’t hold material things dear to her heart, serves her husband, children and church before anything or anyone else in her life. You might even think that it must be heaven on earth living with a man of great faith.

The Virtuous Woman

Well, I must confess, this is a bit strange for me to share something other than my cooking and creations as I am in the business of selling, painting and creating. I have developed many friendships through my business and the truth is, this is a real blessing to me because, sometimes being a pastor’s wife can be a very lonely place. Not everyone sees the suffering of others so up close and personal as we do, and we are sworn to confidentiality. There are expectations of me and although I try and meet them I still have my own individual personality and quirkiness that makes me who I am.  I’m a woman still stuck in the 70’s and 80’s and I still listen to my old rock & roll of that time. Since beginning my Facebook page, I have been blessed by friendships that I’ve made through the classes I’ve taught, people that have shopped my truck, commented on my page and private messaged me.

When your husband pastors a church and works as a funeral director he is always there for people in their times of greatest need. He is there to marry, baptize and even bury their loved ones. Not only is he there in times of need but also to preach and teach the word of God each Sunday. People need him and it’s up to me to be understanding and accepting of this truth.   You see, he does not go to a 9-5 “job” every day; his work is a calling on his life and in our marriage. It is our faith in God that keeps us strong and in right relationship with each other. We enjoy ministry together, but, I must confess that sometimes I struggle with people and that just may be why I enjoy working with my hands.

At times it’s just easier to hide behind a computer and call ourselves “introverts” but the truth is, relationships are built through face to face interactions with one another. Don’t get me wrong I am blessed by social media but sometimes my husband encourages me to get out from behind it and go spend time with someone face to face. When I do, I am usually blessed.  As I am growing my business and growing my faith, I constantly must “check my heart” and make sure that as a business woman I am keeping my life in line with the word of God. The Proverbs 31:10-31 model of the virtuous woman we often hear about around Mother’s Day is indeed a fair measure for a Christian business woman. It’s easy to say, “just stay positive and everything will work out,” but what happens when it doesn’t? What happens when the sales don’t come in, when someone you love gets a diagnosis that isn’t good, your children are hurting, parents are aging, friends leave you and your dreams aren’t coming true? Then what? Well, that’s when your faith comes in.

Words I Live By

I’m sorry if you wanted to hear me be a cheerleader but guess what, this is real life! Oh, I’m not talking doom and gloom, but the struggle is very real! I see things happen every day in my life and that is what we call ministry. This is real, live, true ministry. When I meet people, whether it’s on-line or in person, they always say to me, “you look so peaceful and happy all the time.” Well, I do because it is on the inside that I suffer with the people I meet and care for along with my family because, we all go through it. I do have peace but that comes from the Lord and that is why I’m so grateful and thankful that I don’t have to go through it alone. I can pray for my husband, family, friends and my business and see what he leads me to do. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t.

Sometimes I feel like we spend so much time focusing on helping people because of the poor choices they’ve made and forget those that have made good choices in their lives. It is just as important to celebrate the successes in life with others also. So, celebrate and rejoice whenever needed and cry and empathize with those in need.

Always remember to spend some time doing the things in life that make you happy. Painting, cooking, going to the beach and spending time with family make me happy. However, the relationships that we build and how we care for the people in our lives that are sometimes unloving is the true test of our character. How we grow in our faith and allow our God to guide our lives is what makes us unique. Yes, I like to make a good living, I dream of a cottage on the beach to pass down to my family someday. No matter how much I want it and believe that I can have it, it’s up to God what is best for me in this life because as his word says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21 NIV).

So, the next time you see me and I have a smile on my face you will always know where it comes from and that is from my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Miss Rhonda

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