My company is a small business geared toward making your home a unique and special place through step by step videos, re-decorating, painting, re-purposing, basic to gourmet cooking, and simply creating a lifestyle and home that you can be proud of.

I started my business because I love to create beautiful decor and delicious meals for the home. I love the challenge and creativity that it takes to bring new life to something old and make it beautiful and unique on any budget.

My purpose and goal is to provide you with not only decor that is perfect for you, but also provide you with the tools that you need to create them yourself.

Miss Rhonda’s Current Vintage is about being creative in the home, the kitchen, and gift giving! A person’s home should reflect their personality. I know that some are more creative than others but everyone with a little help can make the ordinary extraordinaire! It doesn’t matter what budget you are working with there are ways to make your home beautiful. I believe in re-using and re-purposing the special things that are already in your home with maybe a few trips to the thrift and antique stores and possibly the outdoors to create a comfortable and beautiful home. Now, as far as the kitchen goes, it’s really not that difficult to make an average meal spectacular with my sauces, spice blends, plating tips, garnishing, and video recipes. I will help you to become more confident in the kitchen and teach you how to tweak recipes to make them more suitable to your taste. A table setting can turn an everyday dinner into a sweet and special occasion. I have created this lifestyle business to help make your everyday home life fun, fulfilling, beautiful, and delicious. We should have a little “Current Vintage” in all of us! “Current” meaning living in today’s modern world and “Vintage” meaning those things in our life that we have special memories of. We can hold on to and display those items that are packed away. I am all about being thrifty yet elegant. I look forward to sharing our homes through modern technology.

Creative & Thankful,