Hello! My name is Rhonda Braatz, also known as Miss Rhonda of Miss Rhonda’s Current Vintage Home Lifestyle & Gifts. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, business owner and friend. I enjoy taking my vintage 1978 Mobile Boutique to new places and meeting new people in the process. I love walking, riding bikes and shopping for treasures. Traveling to the ocean is a must for inspiration and I also enjoy spending time with my family and two English Labs named Reuben and Rosie. I am a woman of great faith in God with a testimony that leaves me in awe of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I also love to laugh which I believe is a key ingredient to living a joyful life.

I have always enjoyed cooking and decorating. As a young girl growing up my family did not have money for the extras in life so I found myself being creative out of necessity. My love for food also started as a young girl as my first job after school was in a fast food restaurant. From there I worked my way to the beautiful Island of Nantucket, Massachusetts where I started a catering company, restaurant and personal training business. I’ve always been one to go after what I want and my journey has brought me to where I am today.

I want to share in my blog how growing up in a low-income family led me to my love for food and decorating that I now enjoy and how my DIY world was born out of necessity and now has become a lifestyle for many. Hopefully, you will relate to my failures, successes and learn how to make beautiful things out of recycled goods, cook delicious meals to share with friends and family and have a few great stories to share with others from my blog.

Creating a beautiful home and life does not mean you need to be in a certain income bracket or social status. It can be yours if you want it. If you have a desire to learn but may not be confident in your cooking or decorating skills then you have found your home. Maybe you are an experienced designer or junker; you also are in the right place. You see, all are welcome in Miss Rhonda’s world! You just have to be nice, live in love not hate and it will help to be a little quirky. I’ll take care of the rest.

I will always be open to your thoughts and ideas as I am a lifelong learner myself. That will also be an important part of my blog! Look for the special section where you can ask your questions, give suggestions or make comments. I will have a new blog posted by Sunday evening of each week. I will bring to you not only new ideas, products that make life easier, projects, recipes and life experiences but also a place to become friends and to create a lifestyle that you can be proud of! Life is truly a beautiful adventure and I believe there is a little Gypsy Soul in all of us. I sincerely hope you enjoy this adventure with me!

Have you ever wondered how I made my REPURPOSED TINS?


Let me show you how to take a simple tin can, before it goes to the landfill, and repurpose it into something beautiful and useful. You can also add a decorative board to make a simple and beautiful display.

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