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Hello everyone! My goal with my shop is to utilize my creativity in a productive way by finding or
creating items for your home that will add style and beauty to your individual space. If you do not see
something that works for you, please keep checking back as I add to my collection almost daily. You
never know what I may find or already have waiting to paint! Please keep in mind that antique furniture
generally comes with a few imperfections and I find beauty in those. Every piece of furniture will be in
good working condition.

Unconditional Love and Forgiveness

  When we hear the words, "unconditional love," what is it that we think of first? Is it our parents, children, spouse, friend, pet or someone else special in your life? Do we really understand unconditional love? Last night my husband and I actually watched a movie!...

Shiny Object Syndrome and ART

  As I look around the inside and outside of my home and as I prepare for a big selling weekend I see that I was able to create many many pieces of original art and other repurposed pieces of home decor that I'm happy with and had fun making. If you are like me, you...

Creating a New Life after Fifty

So here we are! Going on 58 years old and creating a new life. How did time go so fast? How am I here already? Kids are gone and living their own lives, making their own choices, and not living close to home. Thank God for technology or I'm not sure if I would be able...

Remembering Memorial Day

  I was planning on a DIY blog this week but as Memorial Day approached I found myself really thinking about our country, freedoms and what they mean to not only me personally but to us as a nation. I often wonder if we really know what it means to sacrifice as we are...

The Journey into a Colorful Life

Let me begin by saying that colors you choose and where you are in life go hand in hand. Growing up as a little girl I can remember my mother dressing me in bright vibrant colors and decorating my bedroom with the same beautiful colors. I loved the colors, fabric and...


  When you hear “Living the Dream,” what do you think of? Perhaps you think of living on a secluded island in paradise, having everything you want at your fingertips? Maybe you think of an expensive car, a big beautiful home with the best of everything! Maybe it’s...

Confessions of a Pastors Wife

Today I’m here to share a little insight into my life. Not only am I Miss Rhonda of “Miss Rhonda’s Current Vintage” where I run my small business and share my home lifestyle with you but, I am also the wife of a Pastor/Funeral Director. When you think of a Pastor’s...


Junkin 101 for kids

“When You Find a Pearl”

  Furniture painting and music are a big part of what makes me happy. I’ve always been fascinated by Janice Joplin’s music. Although she was a rebellious spirit and lost control of her life with her drug abuse, her music remained pure and beautiful! Her raspy voice...

A Created Lifestyle

Hello! My name is Rhonda Braatz, also known as Miss Rhonda of Miss Rhonda’s Current Vintage Home Lifestyle & Gifts. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, business owner and friend. I enjoy taking my vintage 1978 Mobile Boutique to new...

Have you ever wondered how I made my REPURPOSED TINS?


Let me show you how to take a simple tin can, before it goes to the landfill, and repurpose it into something beautiful and useful. You can also add a decorative board to make a simple and beautiful display.

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